Welcome to Girl Bits

An Introduction

There are no problems, only solutions.

— John Lennon

Hello hello! This is the first post on my new blog on a millennial’s guide to women’s health issues. Over the past few years I have developed several health issues and had to research the hell out of the internet to find solutions/ remedies for my various problems. I want to write this blog to help other women and girls out there who are looking for answers to more complex health issues, such as vulvodynia, persistent hormonal acne, irregular body hair and on-going constipation (lol), but cannot get them from medical providers, particularly in developing countries in Africa. This blog will also address common issues faced by young women in traditional societies such as moving back home (it’s real, believe me), dealing with parents with unresolved trauma and being comfortable with your mixed-heritage/ non-conventional Muslim identity. Just a note to say that this blog is written based on my personal experiences and should not be interpreted as professional advice from a healthcare practitioner. Just because these methods have worked for me, doesn’t mean that they will work for everyone…..Enjoy!

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